Using New Ideas To Defeat Old Laws

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Using New Ideas To Defeat Old Laws

We live in the digital age. Everything is about information. People create it, people buy it and people share it. Although that last part is no always legal. For example if you ever bought a film and you wanted to share it with your friends you may think of copying it and giving it to them. After all, you did buy it, right? Well, that still makes you an outlaw and a pirate. That is the archaic laws that rules us still.

All the old beliefs

During the old days, when someone created anything, there were laws that would protect him from anyone trying to steal it. Those laws where there to encourage creativity and inspiration. You no longer had to fear that someone else would steal your ideas and sell them as their own.

There are a ton of merits in those laws. After all, you did create something and the least that others can do is to acknowledge that. However, here is when things get hairy. If you already bought the creation and it is in a digital form, are you allowed to do with it as you please?

Lets say for example that you buy a physical painting. Some close to you sees it and falls in love with it. You want to give it to him or her, but at the same time you don't want to part with it. So you hire someone to make a perfect copy which you then gift it. Sure, selling it would be wrong, but all you did was give a friend or relative a gift. Ideally there would be nothing wrong with that.

But in the digital world, things are not the same. If you bought a work of art and want to copy and give it to a friend, you could face fines and charges. Or at least that is how some content creators and all the major corporation dealing with creation and distribution would want it to be.

Instead they settle for the next best thing. To outlaw and hunt down anyone who makes copies and gives them away for free. We could debate for hours if there is actually any harm done to the creator or if there are benefits, but that is not the point here. The main point here is, how the pirates are going to keep operating.

Fold in front of new systems

The world is constantly and with great speed, evolving and running towards the future. All the old lobbyists and politicians think that if you block an IP, people will no longer be able to connect to that site. Sounds simple enough, just strong-arm all the internet service providers and force them to never allow anyone to connect there.

And here comes the ingenuity and creativity of the younger generations. If you have a fortress built around a house to keep it locked down, people can simply dig as many tunnels as they want underground and still get the job done. That is the reason a pirate bay proxy exists. When someone is connecting to one of them, their ISP sees that it is a different website and allows you to access it. Once there, it sneaks you to the main site you were looking for, in this case, pirate bay. Once there you can get all the torrents you want and download all you want and no one will ever be the wiser.

No matter how many blocks they add there will always be a way. There can never be s puzzle (with a solution) that a human mind can think of, and another human mind can't crack it.

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