Tips That Can Help You Start A Blog

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Monday, July 13, 2015
8:52 PM

Tips That Can Help You Start A Blog   

Blogging has become one of the most common activities of youngsters and adult these days. It is the best way to share information and also to get noticed and popular. There are other benefits of the blog- you can improve your writing skills, being regularly in practice and what is more? You can also make money out of it. Below are given a few points regarding how to start a blog.

  • You must be clear about your preferred blogging platform- the very first thing you have to decide upon is which platform you wish to set up your blog at. There are many such online platforms like word press, blogger and tumbler. Among these word press is the biggest platform available. It is very easy to set up there and has many themes and wallpapers to select from according to the theme of your blog. It is the best way to share information, circulate it and get comments. In this way you can win favor for your work ad attract a lot of academic attention.
  • Self-advertising or a free blog- this is one of the biggest decisions you have to take when thinking upon this topic. All the above mentioned blogs are free blogs and are great for those who do take the activity seriously. However there are several limitations to a free blog. You would not be allowed access all the wallpapers and themes of these sites. Your URL would look ugly and out of the world. These free blog providers may just erase your data without any sort of warning. It has already happened in the past and there good chances it may happen to you in the future too. The worst limitation probably is that you would not own your blog. It is also difficult with these free blogs to upload all your videos and pictures that you actually want to share at a time. However in the blog you own you can actually upload unlimited media at a go. You can also keep the URL as per your choice and add any kind of web suffix to make it look cool.
  • All bloggers are either very net-savvy or are handling the internet for the first time. There are many mistakes one can often commit initially. For that you can looo up useful articles on the net regarding your various confusions and rock it with your superb blog.
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