The Arizer Air Portable Herbal Vaporizer– No Hype Review

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Monday, March 30, 2015
11:11 AM

The Arizer Air Portable Herbal Vaporizer– No Hype Review   

The Air is a conduction vaporizer from the Canadian manufacturer Arizer. With some of the Solo’s features and a bunch of new features, the Air is by far a strong contender to be the best vaporizer. Let’s know what the Air brings in for users.

Size and Portability:

Unlike the Solo that had an issue with the glass mouthpiece connected to the unit, the Air fits nicely in small pockets with the small mouthpiece attached. The skin and discreetness of this unit make it an easy-to-use handheld vaporizer. The unit comes with accessories which include GonG adapters, hydrotubes and mouthpieces. Depending on the size of the mouthpieces, the size of the entire unit may vary. With no mouthpieces, the size of the unit will be 4.8 inches tall and 1.14 inches in diameter. Also, with short/ medium/ large mouthpieces attached, the size of the unit will be 6.5/7/8.75 inches tall respectively. If you attach the Hydrotube and GonG Adapter, the size will be 10.6 inches tall.


The heating chamber is made of high quality ceramic and equipped with a glass vapor path, particularly if you like the longer stem. About 0.2 grams of dry botanical can easily be used in the bowl, which is perhaps a good amount for multiple vapor lovers. The new Air allows users to interchange the GonG adaptors with the Solo glass stems.

Functions of the unit:

With the use of just 1 button, you can perform as many as 3 functions. If you can turn the unit on or off by holding the button down for only 3 seconds. The unit’s LED will change color and flash after every action you put the unit to perform. The LED will instantly turn a solid color as it gets completely heated to your chosen temperature.

Battery Life:

The new vaporizer uses one 18650 internal rechargeable battery. You can remove the battery and swap out for another 18650 as many times as you want, so you need not stop your party or daytrips, or snowboarding. Also, the device can be used while charging. While an avid user would appreciate a longer battery life, the device can be used 3 to 4 times with 12-15 minute session each time before it needs charging.

Quick Verdict:

Finally two things which may break your spirit are the size and considerably sorter battery life. Well, with a deeper pocket, you will not miss the portability of this weed grinder the same grinders as seen on Vapor Plants.  For the charging part, it will not take you longer than 2 ½ hours to have it completely recharged. With just a 20-minute initial recharge, you can get a pass-through charging. In addition, the manufacturer is about to release a charging dock.

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