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Saturday, August 1, 2015
12:00 AM

Getting Started with Your Own Blog   

You’ve got loads of ideas to share about something that you really love to discuss; topics that you really enjoy to discuss to let other people know your ideas and what you have to say. This could make you a good blogger or maybe you really want to start your own blog. Having your own blog can make you express your thoughts and ideas of the subject matter that really interest you.

What is a Blog?

Before you become a blogger, you have to know first what a blog is. Well, to get started, a blog is a website where a person can write his personal experience, observations, reflections, insights, comments and activities. The website is updated regularly to also keep the blog followers updated.

How to Start Your Own Blog?

Starting your own blog is neither easy nor difficult. There are many websites available where authors generously share their knowledge about blogging to those who want to make their own blogs or aprire un blog. Their websites have everything you need that will help you to get started with your own blogs.

Before starting your own blog you have to follow these 5 simple steps that will surely help you create and effective blog site:

  • Check on the different blogging platform and from then; choose the blogging platform where you want to build your blog. Some of these blogging platforms are Word Press, Blogger, Tumbler and many more. Most of the authors would recommend the Word Press. Aside from being one of the biggest platforms in the world, it has many plug-ins and add-on and will surely design and set up your blog.
  • You have to opt if you’ll pay for your blog or use a free one
  • Decide if you’ll use self-hosting or a custom domain. A Domain is the URL of your webpage while hosting makes your webpage visible or noticeable to your follower and to all the users.
  • Design your Blog, choose a striking and professional design or theme that you love. The design of your blog should reflect your personality and the blogs that you’re writing. You should also make your blog easy to navigate.
  • Look for ways that can help boost your traffic

After you’re blog has already been set up you’re now ready to let people across the globe know what you’re thinking. You’re about to start to make money from your blogs.

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