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Thursday, May 28, 2015
12:16 AM

Get To Know About Oakley Malaysia   

Oakley has been a style statement among people from the past few years. People love to shop from Oakley and undoubtedly the quality they provide is unmatchable. Oakley has been around town since 1975 and since then it has been an attraction for people. People want to buy the accessories developed by Oakley and Oakley also loves its people.

But the only problem lies between Oakley and its customers is the borders. The company provides shipping facilities to a few countries around the world. So the people living in other countries could not buy items from Oakley easily. A company named ChicHip understands this need of the people and therefore have launched the platform through which you can buy Oakley’s accessories and products.

Introduction to Oakley, Inc.:

Oakley, Inc. was first established by a person called James Jannard in 1975 who first sold the products like motorcycle grips, gloves, elbow cards, number plates, etc. The name Oakley was given to the company by James because of his love to the cities of California, Oakland and Berkeley, combining them the term Oakley.

The Oakley is now the famous brand among the people which has the roots of developing products and accessories for athletes and sports persons. The items and sports accessories developed by Oakley includes sun glasses, apparels, watches, ski glasses, skateboard glasses, end a number of other related products.

Oakley provides shipping facilities to a number of countries of the Asia Pacific region, the United States region and the Europe region. These countries include India, China, Canada, japan, France, Denmark, Italy, etc. But unfortunately Malaysia isn’t listed in the supported countries.

Get to Know About Oakley Malaysia:

Now you can have an access to Oakley Malaysia via ChicHip, an online store in Malaysia selling elegant stylish products all around Malaysia to make it more happening and cool. It has coordinated with Oakley to distribute the products around Malaysia so that the lovers of Oakley Malaysia can also have a chance to get its products.

The innovative solutions developed by ChicHip are supported by the engineers and technicians of Oakley along with the modern technological tools and advancements so that you can have the best of the best products in Malaysia.

For the sake of authenticity, the items of Oakley listed in the website of ChicHip are preordered from US and Europe and these items will be shipped free of cost in Malaysia.

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