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Monday, August 3, 2015
12:00 AM

How to Optimize your Mac Computers   

Don’t you just hate being stalled by a slow computer, or by a battery that is always running out, or a device that does not have enough storage space? These things can definitely drive you to your wit’s end! Learn how to avoid these things and make the most out of your Mac computers by following these tips and tricks on how to optimize your Mac.

Add more memory

This will absolutely add speed to your Mac computer. Buy an external hard disc where you can opt to store some of your files.

Clear your hard drive

Sometimes, it is wiser to just clean up your hard drive rather than to purchase a new one and replace your existing. Try checking your hard drive for any unnecessary data that might have cluttered over the years of using it, then toss the unneeded data over to the trash bin.

Restart your Mac computer

A good old reboot is sometimes the answer to a slow computer. Just restart your device and see if this will make it run faster.

Switch off your Wi-fi

Wi-fi can surely drain your battery life in no time. Switch it off if you are not using it to save on battery.

Adjust screen brightness

You do not need an extremely bright screen, most of the time. Adjust this to about 50 % to save on battery. In addition, a computer screen that is too bright can strain on your eyes, especially if you stare at your computer for hours. So, save your battery and your eyes by adjusting the brightness of your screen to 50 %.

Turn off back- lit keyboard

Just like the screen brightness, a back – lit keyboard may sometimes be unnecessary and wasteful. Of course, if you do not need it just switch it off. Doing this can give you more minutes on your Mac. You just have to simply hit the F5 key repeatedly until the on-screen icon shows no bars lit.

Quit your Bluetooth

It is needles to have your Bluetooth on all the time. It just eats up your battery life. By switching your Bluetooth off when not in use, you can buy you more time to use your Mac.

Mac computers are user-friendly and are just awesome pieces of technology.  They also come with a steep price tag, so be sure to make the most out of your Macs by following these simple tips. You can also check out this equally amazing software which is the mackeeper. Learn more about it at

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