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Thursday, July 30, 2015
12:25 AM

Surving the Zombie Virus Apocalypse   

You should be open about surviving the zombie apocalypse. There are so many people today who are quite very open about it because they know at some point in time it will happen. Maybe not as worst as in the movies but then it can happen. So what should you do in making sure that you are well prepared and aware of the apocalypse when such event will occur? It is really indeed important that being open minded will help you in being alive when zombies will run you over. You should always be alert on it. So here are the tips on being alive which you can surely share to others.

Prepare Yourself

What should you do first? It is important that you are open that this event can really happen. You have to make sure that you are alert and know that your plans might not work during the time when zombies will attack. You should always make sure to have other plans so that when plan A would not work then you will have plan B to use. Your first plan should be at the comfort of your home. As you all know, you have everything in your house thus when you are ready, you will have everything in place already.

Mode of Survival

Another important thing to remember about zombie virus is that it can spread rampantly, it is then necessary that you get to read about it. See and understand the news. In case it happens, you will be able to protect yourself from getting the virus itself. With regards to necessities, you have to prepare a kit that will contain all the essentials you will need. One is water. This is a basic need that you cannot live without. In case your food runs out, your water alone will help you survive for days and even weeks. You should always keep a stock of water in your own home. Next are food, clothing, and fire. These are needs that will help you and your loved ones. Keeping aside a few in case of emergency like this will surely make a difference.

No one really knows whether this will happen or not but at the end of the day you will be reminded that you actually and really do not know what are the possible things and events that can happen. It is then very important to always plan ahead of time.

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