Having a membership website where your viewers can choose their own wa

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015
3:25 PM

Multiple Memberships Paths For Every Demand   

Having a membership website where your viewers can choose their own way to subscribe to you and then how they are going to upgrade it, sounds interesting. If you add the fact that they can also purchase multiple subscriptions, sound even better. Here lies a great thing with Memberpress. If you are confident enough in your content, this plugin can help you set it up without any hassle.

Built to impress

The main reason Memberpress stands out from all the rest of plugins in terms of what it can offer, is because it was created from the ground solely to serve as a membership site tool. By using its own set of rules it can go beyond the limitations set by Wordpress and allow you to have a near infinite number of subscription available at the same time and to set up upgrade paths unique and as many as you like. All while seemingly interacting with Wordpress and allow you to change and install, themes, page templates, plugins and anything else you or your members' need.

The best part is that Memberpress has an admin interface that allows you to handle multiple subscriptions simultaneously, adding, upgrading, undated and so much more can be easily done. The members also have a self-service option in their account page that allows them to manage their subscriptions easier than ever before.

This opens a completely new way of handling and delivering your content. You can have different subscriptions for each of your premium content or products, create multiple and stand-alone lines for them (each having its own path for upgrades) and you can even allow your clients to buy subscriptions multiple times (especially useful if you are selling licenses). Or maybe even create an entire catalog of products, subscription levels, and individual offers.

Of course you can keep it simple and have one or two different subscription types. All this power and ability, may seem a lot at first to comprehend and master, but when you know you have more options, you are bound to exploit them for your benefit. After all, this is your career or livelihood we are talking about, and you definitely want to get the best results for the resources you put into it.

Seek and you shall find

This is only one feature that Memberpress has to offer. If you are starting up a new site or want to upgrade the one you already have, consider visiting MemberPress WP Membership Plugin and fill them with questions. Success comes to the ones that are willing to get up and hunt it down.

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