Gadgets: Are They for Everyone?

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Gadgets: Are They for Everyone?

Technology today has become so rampant that everybody owns a piece of it. Everything from phones to tablets to the latest music playing machine is being produced and distributed. Kids and grownups alike are hooked and obsessed with these gadgets that you can rarely find a person who does not own one. Though technology is very helpful in terms of advancement and ease, it should be used wisely and appropriately still. There should be a certain pull back to who can have free use of today’s modern technologies because not everyone can use them in the proper way.

Kids and Gadgets

When you look at today’s generation of children, almost everyone is holding a technological contraption. But should they really be given the freedom to use these things as they please? Should kids be allowed to use mobile phones without much supervision?

Technology has offered so much to the human world, yes, but it can also as easily produce harm. Mobile phones are a hassle-free way to communicate and everyone agrees that everyone needs one. But not everyone should be given too much freedom in using one. Kids who own mobile phones without the aid of parents tend to explore more on what technology really is. In some cases, kids often neglect school work and tasks because of being too hung up on their mobile phones. Allowing a kid to use a mobile phone is by all means okay, but it should be controlled. According to the article about the “best phones for kids”, it is normal for a kid to want and whine for one, but it is always up to the parent if they give in to

these demands. So much of today relies on mobile phones and it can be an easy way to ignite a child’s curiosity and interest. There are so much that can be done with a phone, like surfing the web, calls, messaging, sending pictures, taking videos, and these can all be done without much knowledge of the harm it can cause if they are used in the wrong way. Private information your kids have stored on their phone can spread like wildfire if not contained.

Though it is always a plus in today’s generation to own a piece of the latest things, certain caution must be exercised before allowing a child to freely own and use one especially if they are not yet in the right age and mindset.

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