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Thursday, September 28, 2017
4:41 PM

5 Of The Cutest Dogs In The World – Which One Do You Like At Most?   

We all tend to say our dog is the cutest when we talk about the cutest dogs out there. Some will say the smallest dog is the cutest others will determine cuteness by facial expressions or saggy baggy skin. See how these dogs compare with each other with great breed and size info at this site. Now the question is, which dogs have made it into the list of the cutest dog breeds?

  1. Labrador retriever

The Labrador with its sweet looking face and roly poly bodies that roll around in a clumsy manner are always a winner. They are an active dog with good bone structure and a cute otter like tail that never stops wagging.

  1. Corgi

It’s not hard to fall in love with a Corgi. Their short stumpy legs and cute fluffy ears are nearly bigger than their body. They have hearts of gold and tend to be quite loyal to their owners. When you see one your first words will be ‘aw how cute’.

  1. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is always labeled cute. The Pomeranian looks like a teddy bear with its ever so fluffy coat and big round eyes. Pomeranians are the dogs you look at and want to sit and cuddle up for the night with.

  1. Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is just the sweetest, innocent looking dog. With the wrinkles and extra folds of skin they capture everyone’s hearts. Shar peis are commonly known for their skin but also their frowning expression on their faces.

  1. English bulldog

We all love the wrinkles on the English bulldogs but nothing compares to their tubby bodies that makes us all fill with a cuteness overload. English bulldogs are often used for greeting cards and advertisements for their unique way of getting everyone’s attention.

A cute dog seems to make a stressful day, all the better for everyone around. We cannot help but to stop in the street and pat a dog that’s the cutest thing we have ever seen. Most of the time, we find ourselves cooing over a cute stumpy tail or a fat tummy that drags along the ground. Nevertheless you may have just got another hit of cuteness reading this.

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