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Wednesday, May 9, 2018
1:36 PM

Why To Use Various Cannabis Lights   

What is cannabis light?

Cannabis light is in the form of a bulb which is used to grow indoor plants. This is a form of alternative of sunlight. These lights emit light of wavelength covering red and blue area. These wavelengths are necessary for photosynthesis of plants. They produce organic energy by taking in light energy. The chlorophyll present in their cells absorbs the light and performs certain reactions to form glucose etc.

Main classes of cannabis lights

There are the following main classes of cannabis growing lights;

  • Florescent grow light:

There are different shapes and sizes of florescent light bulbs. They can be long short and adjusted into the space in the house. They are very popular because they can fit into small spaces in the house. They are good for indoor weed gardening. They are not harmful for humans as well. Their further types include compact florescent lights and T5 grow lights.

  • These are very inexpensive.
  • These lights are easily available in stores.
  • Their wavelength is suitable for the growth of cannabis legale
  • They can be placed close to plants.
  • These lights have less capacity to produce plants.
  • These lights do not have the capacity to go deep into the leaves and cells of plants.


  • High intensity discharge light:

HID lights are very much powerful than the previous lights. These produce very powerful wavelength and also produce a lot of heat. They can create exhaustion in the house. The types of high intensity lights include metal halide and high pressure sodium lights.

  • These produce the highest yields of the plants.
  • These are simple to use and can be placed above the plants at some distance.
  • Produce a lot of heat and exhaustion.
  • Need a lot of tools to cool down the area.


  • LED grow lights:

These are the most efficient lights. They are cooler than the rest. They also produce heat but they have built in system of cooling in them. They have great penetration into the cells of cannabis plant.

  • They have built in cooling system and do not heat up in the house.
  • They can be plugged into the walls of the plants area.
  • Increase the growth per meter of cannabis.
  • They consume a lot of electricity to operate.
  • Need a lot of space to run efficiently and cannot be used in small areas.

There are also indecent bulbs which are not good for growing plants. Their wavelengths are not compatible with the plants’ needs.

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