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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
11:17 AM

What You Should Know About Subtitling And Captioning   

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about subtitling and captioning which certainly can help you understand more about the significance and benefits of captioning.

What are Subtitles and Captions Anyways?

Subtitles or closed captioning are the textual equivalent of the audio of a program. There are subtitle and captioning services out there that specialize in embedding such easy to read texts into the movies.

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Why Do You Need To Put Subtitles or Captions To Movies?

There are several different benefits to having subtitles or captions added to films, movies, TV programs or even documentaries. One of them is quicker comprehension of the program. There are documentaries and films with storylines or plots that are tough for an average individual to follow. If you are showing a movie to non-experts, it will surely help if they have written text to follow. The captions can show terms that the audiences were not familiar with earlier. If it is a history program or documentary that is heavy with unfamiliar terminologies, it will be a lot better to have it shown with captioning to make comprehension a lot easier.

Other than helping in the learning process, specially of students, having subtitles or captions also improve concentration. Film viewing will be a big success if the viewers are being able to grasp the story behind the film through the subtitles. People, if unable to understand, feel bored and their interest does not develop. You can immediately capture their interest if there are captioning to guide them.

Interactive TV and other similar gadgets that show programs or films with subtitles can usually aid the hearing impaired who are watching these shows at home.

Who Can Benefit From Subtitles and Captions?

Practically, everyone can benefit from captioning and subtitles. It helps make understanding certain snatches of dialogues and scenes easier. With the right subtitles, you are able to completely understand specific scenes that perhaps have been beyond your understanding earlier.

Hearing-impaired and kids can also benefit greatly from films that come with subtitles. It enables them to enjoy the movies and understand them better without the issues of poor hearing or poor vocabulary.

Can You Caption A Video Yourself?

There are several different web-based tools available that can be accessed to add captions and subtitles to films. You can always look for programs and follow a tutorial. But, captioning is not a walk in the park. You need to consider appropriate sync of the caption and the audio. Proper text placement is also crucial. However, there are professionals who could handle it well!

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