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Monday, September 24, 2018
3:19 PM

Curses To Prevent Pregnancy Or Cause Abortion Or Miscarriage   

It is an old practice of the humanity to terminate the pregnancy. Although we are living in a modern and advanced era some traditional rituals to abort the pregnancy are still in practice. These traditional rituals include abortion using spells to cause miscarriage. These spells cause abortions without the knowledge of the woman.

How the Spells Works?

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According to the myth and legends, the black magic spells for miscarriage is a spiritual work. The abortion is actually caused by the spirits. After using the spell the spirits remove the life from the woman’s womb. The cause of the miscarriage stays unknown and people accept it as the will of the God.

While some people would find it difficult to believe, many people still believe that these rituals not only works but also very effective. They believe that this procedure is not painful and does not cause any harm to the woman.

For What Purposes These spells can be used?

The spells causing miscarriages are not just limited to abortions. These spells can also be used to stop a pregnancy before conceiving. To prevent the conception the spell obstructs the generative force of the man and destroys the generative force of the woman. The end result of this procedure is the unborn baby inside the female womb. According to some people, these spells are so effective and powerful that it can cause abortion during the delivery.  As for some people, it might be disturbing; on the other hand, many people can find it an easy way.

How to perform the rituals?

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To perform the miscarriage spell there are some ingredients which are required. Once the ingredients such as the pink candle, blue candle, green candle, sandalwood incense etc. and then perform the ritual.

The ritual starts with the ritual bath which requires a cinnamon oil or patchouli. Soon after the bath, it gathers the components close together. Lit the sandalwood incense, and draw out a circle so that the spell can be cast. Then take a soil bowl and sprinkle some dirt inside the circle. Read the chants.

Where to get these spells?

Now if you believe in such which craft and spiritual spells you can buy the spell as well as the ingredients for stop pregnancy spell through online hoodoo stores. They will also guide you about the procedure you need to go through for the spell to work.

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