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Friday, September 7, 2018
5:38 PM

What Microphone Should You Buy?   

As there are hundreds of options in the market today, buying a microphone became more and more complicated. There are some items purchased that gone into waste simply because they do not know that microphones has different types for different purposes. Some are designed for voices in order to acquire the best quality of voice possible. Others are made for instruments divided into soft instruments and hard instruments. This just shows that the first step in buying a microphone is knowing the purpose of it. By doing so, you already solve fifty percent of the problem, as you already know what you should do. In order to give some examples, here is an overview of types of computer microphones.

Ribbon microphones

I know that you are familiar with ribbon microphones, this is the one you could see often with jazz musicians or those retro styles. It gives a vintage aura on the platform. But the Existence of this microphone is not just intended for shows. This has its own benefits and features. When it comes to sensitivity, the ribbon microphone is on the top list. Great for vocals, choirs, piano, strings and woodwind. When you are recording a multi-instrument inside a room, this type is the perfect match.

You could also see this one when there are video radio recordings. Especially in the AM format as this creates a vintage sounding vibes. It has the ability to record an entire room with a quality including higher notes associated with woodwinds or strings. That thing may be the reason why it is popular for people who want to record different kinds of acoustic instruments. Some even include it in their video recordings because it just adds a good vintage vibes for the people who will watch the video.


This has a good sensitivity at all frequencies that is why it is used in recording and radio stations. They have greater appeal because of that, but it is not always the most practical choice. Often, it has a pop-shield filter that protect against noises from the speaker or vocalist breath when a good distance is not maintain. This microphone condensers are not suited for loud instruments such as drums, it would not make a good quality of recording because of its sensitivity. Just consider it with those acoustics, choirs or recordings that are known for their sensitive and high frequency

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