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Monday, July 9, 2018
10:57 AM

Bed Bugs Not Bed Buds   

Have you woken up feeling itchy, and after a while small, round swellings showed up? What an awful day to be a victim of bed bugs. These are disturbing insects that kiss your body during your sound sleep. Its sweet bites bring unwanted trouble, so get rid of them without delay.

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Bed bugs are suckers

They are plain, distressing parasites. Their physical structures are basically composed of three pairs of legs, reddish scales, and prick-like looks. The most popular type is known Cimex lectularius, which normally seen or experienced on bed.

Their main activity is blood sucking. Your body fluid gives them their daily needs, and they get that painlessly, leaving you clueless not until you observe their side effects. Most exposed skin parts, like face and arms, are most targeted. Mattresses as well as sofas became their favorite accommodations, since, besides that they warm their bodies, you spend so much time on them lying lazy.

Minor to major impacts

Symptoms of their bites start to come up the day you recovered your consciousness. It will start from constant, hard-to-deal-with skin irritation, and after scratching them for few minutes, rushlike bumps will soon appear. Be careful of faulty assumption, because red spots do not exclusively mean rushes. You may apply wrong remedies.

In some severe cases, these bites have been connected with developed psychological problems. Instead of relaxing and resting, continuous infestation of these organisms may lead to insomnia or anxiety. Therefore, they decrease your physical and mental functions. The worst that could happen is the development of terrible mental conditions, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Delusionary Parasitosis.

Ways to deal with them 

With all those possible results, it is just right to banish them away. The best, easiest, and fastest approach is contacting pest control experts, like those in Kansas City Pest Control. They will surely and efficaciously handle the rest of the job, while you’re sipping some coffee and waiting for them to be done.

But if you want to save up money, take these two suggestions: 1. Clean up, leave no room for them. They will commonly hide in fabrics that are undisturbed. Wash laundry clothes and bedsheets as soon as possible. 2. Vacuum other dens. Time after time, sweep them out from their most obvious to unthinkable but reasonable locations.

These pests could bring serious offense to humans. Do not let them perpetually annoy you and damage you deeply.

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