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Friday, January 5, 2018
12:22 PM

It’s Time To Announce Your Happiness   

Happiness should not hide

This announcement is perfect if you’re expecting your second or third child. What’s cuter than dressing your child up in a super hero costume and telling the world that you’re pregnant? Don’t have a chalkboard? Use some canvas, a movie poster, banners, whatever, to announce that your son or daughter needs a sidekick and will be expecting one soon! Visit!-65/ for more details. Have you ever seen a more real portrait of a reaction to a pregnancy, especially a fourth child? Even if the children crying was a blooper, it fits perfectly into this announcement. The look of terror in the fathers’ face, the tear-streaked faces of the two other siblings, the one just inwardly shaking her head and the mother taking it all in. What more can you say?

How to share your happiness?

The whole period of pregnancy is a great and memorable moment, a real miracle. Every woman is looking forward to this magical state. Let us see what unforgettable impressions pregnancy prepares for you and how pregnant women can enjoy every moment of their fortune.For many women, the sensation of seeing the two strips on the test is the first unforgettable moment of pregnancy. One can spend a few minutes sitting and looking at the positive pregnancy test, finding it difficult to believe one’s own eyes. It is not surprising that many women cry from happiness.

How to share your emotions with your loved ones?

Pregnancy announcements have suddenly turned into an occasion equal to asking someone to prom. Treasure hunts, hidden messages and pictures of moms-to-be gracing "the porcelain throne" are only some of the creative ways to share the news. And don't forget about the big gender reveal party!

You can share it through milestone pregnancy cards

Capture the miracle of your pregnancy with the mile stone Pregnancy Cards. The first kick, your growing belly, pregnancy cravings, the little one's room. Document all those highlights and enjoy them for years to come.The set contains 30 illustrated cards to mark your pregnancy and new-born pictures: first outfit, favourite toy, hands & feet and more. Make your pregnancy unforgettable for yourself and your little one. With all the family, friends and delicious food, Thanksgiving is perfect time to share that you're pregnant. You can do it in person, the fall foliage makes for beautiful pics and you can go for the surprise factor since lots of couples prefer to announce it.

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