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Monday, February 15, 2016
12:00 AM

The Impact Of A Bad Credit On Personal, Social, And Public Life Of An Individual   

A credit score not just create an impact on the ability to take loans in future but affects the personal, social, and public life to a great extent resulting in troubles and frustration that impairs the routine life. If you are spending excessively without returning debt timely, read the consequences mentioned below:

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A bad credit score bars people from getting further loans

People having a bad credit score are usually barred from getting future loans as banks see such people as unreliable and avoid sanctioning loans. This may create frustration and stress as people may be unable to power their businesses and may face serious financial restrictions resulting in depression and despair.

Strict terms and conditions on the loans approved

If luckily people with bad credit score get their loans sanctioned by banks, they have to face strict terms and conditions and higher interest rates that usually leads towards increased debt and an inability to clear off the outstanding balance. Lenders and bans require such people to clear debt within a short period of time with high interest rates and put heavy fines and penalties over delayed payments.

Hassles in renting a house or commercial property

People applying for a house lease often face denial as majority of house leasing companies avoid approving applications of those with a bad credit score. Landlords do not provide house or apartment for rent and renting commercial property for business purposes also gets difficult. Landlords require heavy advance and make the people provide guarantee to clear the rent. This creates a lot of hassles for people and they end up getting stuck in many loans that makes the situation even worse.

Trouble getting a job

Majority of the organizations and companies carry out a detailed investigation of an applicant’s financial background and those found with shady financial history and bad credit score are generally rejected. People have trouble getting hired as all reputed organizations do not hire employees with poor credit score and bad financial history. Find more about effects of bad credit and options to get quick loans at

Difficulty in getting cell phone contracts

People who wish to get a new phone on contract are often rejected if they have a poor financial history. All cell phone companies make sure that the applicant has some source to clear installments and enjoys a good financial repute and those with pending debts and poor credit score are usually denied the right to get a cell phone on contract.

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