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Wednesday, May 4, 2016
12:00 AM

Why Club Penguin Is The Safest Game For Your Kids?   

Club penguin is one of the entertaining games on internet for a kid which is also very safe for kids using the internet. This is because the game owners have made the safety of kids online a priority, and whether your kid is looking for ways to complete the secret mission as seen from mission 2 club penguin walkthrough or using a team adventure, here is how the safety of your kids can be ensured;

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As a parent:

As a parent it is your responsibility to have a look at your children’s activities in a friendly way. Your kid will probably be using your email address for creating an account on club penguin and you will be notified that your kid is playing the game using your address.

Also it is great to talk to your kids at early ages like friends so that they happily tell you if they do not like anything on the internet or whatever they do online. Thus make sure that you check what tabs your children open while being online. Install family filters on your computer to make the computer safe for use by your kids.

Also it is great if you place the computer for use by your kid on a place where people move quite often such as lounge or kitchen, and avoids giving any chances for kids to connect laptop etc. in a bedroom.

From The Game Owners:

The game owners are committed to safety as they keep an eye on the comments coming on forums or any suspicious activity.

Let your kid know if they do not like any penguin or their harsh words, that an option is available to you to block the penguin anytime you want

You can always press the M button on your player card if you find somebody breaking the rules

For Kids:

Make sure that as a kid you keep your parents informed about what you are doing on the game and who your other penguin friends are and what do you do while playing the game

If you do not like anything you see on the internet, let your elders know on the spot

Make sure that you do not tell your personal details to anybody such as real name, phone number unless you know a penguin name user as your close relative or friend

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