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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
10:58 AM

4 Important Things To Do Before Moving In   

You’ve got the keys to the new house. Hold on to it and try to think first. What do you need to do before you move to that house? There are many things you have to do to make sure that your move is going be smooth as silk. In this article the most important things you must do will be listed. Make sure to follow suit.

Cleaning is Essential to Living Anew

You might need to some cleaning first. If you do not have that time, then consider the help of people who offer move-in cleaning. The reason is because you cannot crash into a place that is untidy. You’d have to get the house cleaned from top to bottom (literally, that is the best way to go at it) to avoid getting sick in your own house. You may get immune to it but other people won’t. Also, an unclean house will reflect your personality. So, before you start inviting people over, make sure that your place is squeaky clean.

Immediately Change the Lock!

This important thing must not be forgotten. In case you do, imagine how many have the keys to your supposedly new house? When you move in, contact the best locksmith available to get your house protected from would be perpetrators. This will also give you a peace of mind just in case you do not trust the realtor, the former owners of the place, or any other person who might have had access to your house.

Check All House Utilities

It goes without saying that you must check the house on your first visit. However, there are things that may have been hidden from you. You must check every part of the house utilities: the electrical wirings, the electrical panels, the heater, the HVAC unit, the water pipes, and everything else that points out to a basic need. Should there be any complications, get an expert to work on it immediately to avoid danger and possibly even destruction of your “new” home.

Find All Essential Shops That Are Nearby

In case anything arises, you have to know where to go to buy things. You’ll have to know where the grocery, convenience, tool, book, medicine, and other kinds of stores. You’ll also need to find the nearest fire and police station in case of emergencies.  You’ll need to get the concept of the lay of the land to be able to navigate freely and efficiently. If you can’t find them yourself, ask around. New neighbourhoods may be tough, but there is always one person who can help you out.

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