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Sunday, March 12, 2017
12:00 AM

The 3 Disadvantages of Faulty Stair Stringing in Brisbane Australia   

To emphasize a stage, you use stairs. When you go down in the basement, you also use stairs. Basically stairs symbolize the concept of moving from one level to another. Regardless of its uses and symbols, stairs are already being taken for granted. However whenever stairs are made they should be done with great precision and care. Otherwise, here are the 3 dangers you may face if your staircase has faulty stair stringing.

View-from-below-of-cantilevered-steel-stair-made-up-of-HSS-tubes-welded-to-concrete-embedded-steel-plates.jpg (800×530)

It May Not Support The Weight Of People

Okay, so the stringer is the most important part of any staircase as it is the backbone that supports it. It is like how the spine works in humans. Having faulty stringers, will cause people to fall. The breaking of the stair boards will be imminent. People in Brisbane are being encouraged to use the stairs for fitness and health, you can’t be introducing them to something dangerous, right? The corporate world, particularly needs this. If there is no escalator or elevator, or if they breakdown, it’ll be action time for the stairs. Faulty stairs will collapse under huge pressure. This then will initiate huge, unforeseen losses that will undoubtedly reflect the company’s standards.

It is unsightly for people

Though there are some flights of stairs constructed without stringers, it varies with the design. If you’re flight of stairs constitute the use of stringers, consider getting it done correctly. If not, the edges and roughness of the boards will show and will provide an unsightly image to people, making your stairs look both cheap and dangerous. Brisbane is already a city with modern and contemporary look. Doing stringing faultily will reduce overall visual impact.  There are many ways you can go at stringers but it will still depend on what your stairs are going to be made of. Check if it is wood, metal, marble or whatever material was used and properly consult the experts. Check out this site for well designed steel stair stringers from Brisbane.

It’ll break under the weather

There may be more sunny days in Brisbane that cloudy ones. However, the faulty installation of stringers will cause the stairs to collapse under extreme weather. It might be okay at first but eventually, it will wear out and get destroyed. They can also be subjected to rot and deterioration with leakages and water spills. All these things can affect how the stairs can perform.

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